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Change Is Upon Us: The Economy
In this segment, Charlie continues with his theme of change.
Change Is Upon Us: The Economy
In this segment, Charlie continues with his theme of change — this time talking about the economy and why it has been so volatile this year. A number of factors are to blame, but mostly arising from stuff occurring around the world that are mostly out of our control. Bottom line, there is very little, economically-speaking, that is holding us back from having a great fall season in the industry!


Charlie Hall

Dr. Charlie Hall grew up on a nursery in Western North Carolina. Although an economist by training, he is currently a Professor in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at the Texas A&M University and holds the prestigious Ellison Chair in International Floriculture. His major areas of specialization include innovative management and marketing strategies, financial analysis and benchmarking, and the situation/outlook for nursery and greenhouse crops.

He is an invited speaker at numerous regional, national, and international meetings of various industry-related associations and organizations. He is particularly known for the enthusiasm, passion, and intensity he exhibits when speaking. Dr. Hall is an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association and has received TNLA’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Nursery Industry. He is also a member of the Hall of Fame and Honorary Lifetime Member of the Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association.

Change Is Upon Us

Change Is Upon Us: The Economy

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