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The Tree Boss: efficient and fun
Hughes Nursery and Landscaping cuts the labor and heavy physical demands of moving large plant material.
The Tree Boss: efficient and fun
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The Tree Boss: efficient and fun
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The Tree Boss: efficient and fun
Handling large B&B material like caliper trees usually takes 2-3 team members. Hughes Nursery and Landscaping does it with 1. Dwight Hughes Jr. introduces the Tree Boss, a piece of in-house designed equipment that supports their company's goals of efficient time management and making nursery and landscape work more friendly to today's workforce. By reducing both labor needs and the heavy physical demands of moving large plant material, Hughes Nursery and Landscaping is saving money and making work more fun.

Dwight Hughes

Dwight Hughes Jr, helps his boys Tom and John, who are fourth generation nurserymen and own Hughes Nursery and Landscaping in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dwight is a past president of ANLA and HRI. He is the youngest recipient to receive the ANLA Hall of Fame Award, significantly in recognition of his work to help the industry improve efficiency and profitability through research, education and mechanization. A passionate supporter of ANLA"s grassroots legislative partnership with the industry's state associations, the Lighthouse Program, Dwight is well known in the nursery and landscape industry, "border to border and coast to coast."

The Tree Boss: efficient and fun

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