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Rose Rosette from the industry's eyes
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Rose Rosette from the industry's eyes
Industry leaders recognize the very real threat Rose Rosette Disease poses to this important crop and stress the importance of finding real world solutions through research.

Tom Demaline

Tom is President of Willoway Nurseries and a second generation nurseryman, starting part-time work at the nursery at age 14. Tom has always felt that besides growing a great plant it was just as important to provide retail package and marketing to support the product. In 2000 Willoway joined Novalis to work with a group of likeminded growers to bring this vision to market. Being involved in the industry and giving back has always been high on his agenda. Over his career he has been part of many local, state and national industry associations and is a past president of both the ONLA Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association and HRI Horticultural Research Institute, and is a current member of the ANLA Board.

Bill DeVor

Bill DeVor is a forth generation rose grower/nurseryman. He is married to Traci and has two sons Tommy and Jake. He is the General Manager/COO of Greenheart Farms in Arroyo Grande California where he has been for fifteen years. Greenheart Farms produces 8,000,000 own root roses per year for the U.S. rose market. When Bill isn't growing plants he loves to spend time in the Sierra Nevada mountains relaxing and fishing.

Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson has spent 39 years in Horticulture. He started his career working for Ball Seed Company in sales and marketing and spent 10 years with them. He was the General Manager of Summer Sun Greenhouse in Mt Vernon Washington for 10 years producing bedding plants and perennials. He started working in rose production in 2000 while working for a company called Etera, which was sold and formed into Northwest Horticulture in 2001. Today Northwest Horticulture produces approximately 8 million roses, primarily Conard-Pyle varieties. The company is a large producer of perennial plugs for other perennial producers and is a primary vendor for Home Depot and Lowes in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain areas. Northwest Horticulture also has a division that produces products for green roofs. Bruce Gibson is the President of Northwest Horticulture.
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October 08, 2013
Rose Rosette Disease continues to impact shrub roses in landscapes East of the Mississippi. Quickly recognizing and confirming RRD is important in controlling its spread and allows for…

Rose Rosette Disease Webinar

Rose Rosette Update from Joe Bischoff

Rose Rosette from the industry's eyes

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Information about identification, symptoms and control of Rose Rosette Disease.
Information about identification, symptoms and control of Rose Rosette Disease.

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