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AmericanHort News  Wednesday, July 24th 10:03 AM ET
In recent weeks boxwood blight has been confirmed from Delaware and New Jersey. These findings mark the first new state reports since March 2012. Many growers and landscapers have voluntarily implemented the ANLA best management practices…
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AmericanHort News  Wednesday, July 24th 09:53 AM ET
Dr. Kelly Ivors and her graduate student, Miranda Ganci, of North Carolina State University completed the analysis of their May/June 2013 trials for preventing Boxwood Blight. Their recently released report includes the chemistry…
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AmericanHort News  Wednesday, July 3rd 10:23 AM ET
Plant pathologists from North Carolina State University recently shared pre-publication results regarding what they have called their “Boxwood Blight Trojan Horse Study.” In the study, graduate student Miranda Ganci and her professors Drs.…
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AmericanHort News  Tuesday, April 2nd 12:25 PM ET
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AmericanHort News  Thursday, March 28th 10:30 AM ET
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AmericanHort News  Tuesday, March 12th 11:28 PM ET
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AmericanHort News  Wednesday, March 6th 09:30 AM ET
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OnDemand  Tuesday, March 5th 02:04 PM ET
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AmericanHort News  Tuesday, February 12th 04:43 PM ET
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AmericanHort News  Wednesday, February 6th 05:51 PM ET
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